3D-boxGlittering treasure surrounds the slumbering dragon. The adventurers sneak into its cavern, each hoping to plunder the most valuable items for themselves.

Creep around the dragon, collecting treasure sets; steal from other players at sword-point; remember the best caches; and when you feel you’re ahead, try to rouse the beast to bring the round to an end.

A game for 2-6 adventurers played in 10 minute rounds.

Gaming Bits review: “a light fun game that is great for families…It’s kid tested and father approved. 9 out of 10.

The Kickstarter campaign for Hoard ran from May 18 – June 17 and was a success, meeting 155% of its target and achieving eight stretch goals. Manufacture is nearing completion, pledged copies should be posted by the end of October, and distributors in the US, Australia, and New Zealand should be stocked by then as well.