The Characters

Esmeralda is the “main” character in Hoard, in that she appears on the box, but the second character was developed to fit a backstory imagined by Julia and given his name by Tim:

Captain Percival Hogarth, character from Hoard card game by Cheeky Parrot GamesCaptain Percival Hogarth is a grizzled veteran of many a campaign. He never imagined he’d live to the ripe old age of 52, so has failed to plan for his retirement. With the welfare state hundreds of years in the future, he’s hatched one last desperate plan to raise the funds for a dotage spent on fluffy cushions, tended by comely maidens. He’s located the lair of the realm’s most horrific, scaly, fire-breathing dragon! Atop a vast hoard of gems, golden goblets, and other glittering treasure looted from the terrified kingdom lies the giant slumbering beast. A most daunting task lies ahead, particularly for this arthritic adventurer prone to intermittent attacks of gout and mange: to tiptoe carefully through the dragon’s stash, filling a sack with the most precious items without waking the creature.

But hark! Other, younger, more nimble adventurers have also arrived on the scene. They too are determined to walk away with the pick of the hoard, and it may take some fast-talking and shield brandishing to keep them from getting the pick of Hogarth’s sack as well. And of course anyone’s careless misstep could mean disaster for all…